Azure Blob Storage - Lifecycle Management

The Lifecycle Management is a feature of the Blob Storage which can manage access tier or delete your blobs.

This feature is used to optimize the pricing of your Blob Storage by changing the Access tier or Delete your blobs. Pricing of the blob depends on the selected access tier.

You can define a rule with a time period and a filter that can run the selected operations on your blobs.

Change the Access tier

A blob can contain one of these access tiers.


  • High availability
  • It is used for most frequently blob access
  • $0,0196 per month for GB


  • Access to this tier of the blob can take some time
  • The blob must be stored for minimum 30 days
  • It is used for the last backup or the not frequented blob
  • $0,01 per month for GB


  • Offline access (dehydration)
  • The blob must be stored for minimum 180 days
  • $0,0018 per month for GB


Delete blobs by the rule. This operation is free.

Written on November 8, 2020